Development of demonstrators for direct solar water splitting


first large-scale demonstrators for direct solar hydrogen production.

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About the project

The aim of the H2Demo project is to produce the first large-scale demonstrators for direct solar hydrogen production. This is the absorption of sunlight in a semiconductor structure that generates a sufficiently large photovoltage > 1.6 volts to decompose water directly into hydrogen and oxygen. In the project, particularly promising tandem absorbers made of GaAsP/Si are being developed, which have the best chances of economic viability in combination with high efficiency and scalability.

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Work Package 1

GaAsP/Si Tandem Cell
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Work Package 2

Work Package 2

High Pressure MOVPE Throughput
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Work Packages 3-5

Work Packages 3-5

Photoelectric-Chemical Cell and Module
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The Project Team



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Counter-balancing light absorption and ionic transport losses in the electrolyte for integrated solar water splitting with III-V/Si dual-junctions
Moritz Kölbach, Ciler Özen, Oliver Höhn, David Lackner, Markus Feifel, Fatwa F. Abdi and Matthias M. May


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